Since 1948, SME in Honolulu has been recognizing and achieving excellence.  Our organization has been consistently led by the best of Honolulu's sales & marketing community. 



Board of Directors



  • David Hayter, President
  • Joe Bock, Past President 
  • Malia Lageman, Treasurer 
  • Emmaly Calibraro, Secretary


  • Jean-Paul Gedeon
  • Jaydence Goya
  • Keali'i Kane
  • David C. Livingston
  • Buddy Moore
  • Rob Mora
  • Kirk Nakamoto
  • Janet Scheffer
  • Donna Smith
  • Adele Tasaka
  • Michael Troy

  • Karen Smith

Executive Director


Sales & Marketing Executives of Honolulu is dedicated to ethical standards, continuing professional development, knowledge sharing, mentoring students and advancing free enterprise.


SME Honolulu strives to embody the highest professional and ethical sales and marketing culture.  Members are professionals who not only excel in the profession, but also care about and contribute to our community through leadership, while always employing best practices.